How to Increase Website Traffic?

how to increase website traffic

A website’s success depends heavily on the number of people visiting it. In other words, no matter what your conversion goals are -subscriptions, sales, downloads, leads, etc.- in order to increase your numbers, you’re going to have to increase your website traffic. How? That we will mention in the following lines.

11 Tips to Increase Website Traffic

There are 2 ways to increase website traffic. Free or Paid. We will cover both ways so that you can choose the best option for your website.

1- On-page SEO

Each page of your website can use a variety of SEO techniques to improve its position in search results and draw in more visitors. Writing clear meta descriptions for your sites and creating high-quality content that your audience is looking for are two examples of this. In search results, the meta description is displayed beneath your URL. Users are far more likely to click on a link when they are aware of what the page is about and what will do so. These on-page SEO strategies are free, but they do take time.

To learn more about this subject -which is quite important- make sure to check out our detailed article on-page SEO.

2- Social Traffic

In this day and age, no one has the luxury of overlooking the power of social networks. Most of the time, they are your best bet at connecting with your target audience, which means you have to use them effectively to draw more traffic to your website. You can always manage your social media presence by yourself -which might be preferable especially if you are just starting out and on a budget- but hiring a professional or working with an agency will surely be a good investment if you want the best results.

3- Regular Blog Posts

Although not as easy as it sounds, blogging consistently is a very good way of increasing your organic traffic in the long term. Obviously, this is more true for some websites than others, as some niches are richer than others- for example, if you are selling insurance, you probably have a lot more to write about than someone who offers carpet cleaning services. Still, with a little creativity, everyone can find something interesting to write about, and if you keep providing your visitors with valuable -and fun-to-read, preferably- content, they will surely keep coming back, and share your content with others, which will increase your traffic.

4- Finding New Keywords

Finding new keyword combinations related to your niche will no doubt grow your audience! Proper keyword research is crucial to creating SEO-friendly content, and finding new keywords with high search volume will definitely increase your traffic. Also, remember that searching for new keywords will give you new content ideas! Use keyword tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, Ahrefs, Long Tail Pro, etc. Some require a premium account, and some are free.

5- E-Mail Marketing

A very cost-effective way of promoting your content, products, and/or services, e-mail marketing can certainly boost your website traffic. It is also a great way to keep your users always up to date as to what’s new with your brand. Update your audience -without being too aggressive- regularly, and consider producing a monthly -or weekly- newsletter about your brand and/or niche. When the emails get interesting, there will be more interest on your website.

6- Guest Blogging

If you know a great deal about a subject, why not capitalize on it? There are a lot of big websites on every subject, and if you are good enough to get your articles published on some, you will be doing your site a lot of good.

Getting links from quality websites operating on your niche, Google will be favoring you in search results. This kind of referral traffic from authority sites establishes your site as authority. This means better search rankings, and, eventually, an increase in traffic.

7- Paying Attention to Analytics

Analytic tools always provide useful information on users’ interaction with your website, and they can certainly show you your weak points. And that will give you a starting point to improve your site, which will result in getting more traffic! Google Analytics is the most popular web analysis tool, but there are others as well, such as Statcounter, Mixpanel, Yandex Metrica, etc.

8 – Paid Ads

When the competition is as fierce as it is today, sometimes you may want to reach into your pocket! Paid traffic basically comes from paid advertising. This includes Google Ads, Facebook or Instagram ads, display ads,  and more. You can choose which to opt for based on a number of factors, including your budget, your niche, and of course, your target audience. It is especially an effective method of getting high traffic for a short term.

9 – Generate High Quality and Relevant Content

The content that you create should be written according to the goal of the article but should also include the information your audience is seeking for. You need to do appropriate keyword research to discover the information your users are seeking for. This will assist you in choosing topics to write about and language your audience will use.

While writing the content, it should be simple to read. Make sure you use headings and paragraphs because writing too much text without them will scare readers away. They allow your readers to breathe while they read. Additionally, make an effort to utilize simple words as little as possible, and watch the length of your sentences.

And it’s important to keep the website content updated and fresh for Google to rank the website in good positions.

10 – Offer Good and Free Stuff

Giving potential customers something helpful is a fantastic strategy to increase traffic.
You can increase your profits and generate new leads by posting gated content/tools (providing the material and tools in exchange for the user’s contact information).

11- Check out the Competitors

Another way to increase your website’s traffic is to keep an eye on what the competitors are doing. If you can make your website more creative and attractive than your competitors, people will choose your website. This can be done by following the market trends, what the audience is looking for, more content etc


We don’t need to really stress why it is important to get traffic, as it is more or less the point of creating a website at the first place. Anyone who wishes to increase their site traffic should ask themselves these two questions:

  1. How to attract new visitors?
  2. How to make my visitors return?

Both are equally important. Some of the tips above will help you with the former, while other with the latter, and obviously some will be doing both. Make sure you are doing what is necessary for both, and don’t forget to get creative and experiment with new ideas!