Landing pages play an important part in every successful business’s digital marketing strategy, as they convince the visitors to take action- well, at least that’s what they should do. The thing is, by its definition, creating a landing page is simple enough- it is more or less just a single web page with a call to action button. What’s difficult is to optimize it in a way that serves its purpose as a booster of conversions. That’s where Unbounce, the world’s leading landing page platform -in their words- can help you.

But can they, really? Let’s find out together! Here is a detailed review of the popular Unbounce Landing Page Builder…

About Unbounce

A landing page platform that gets you more,” Unbounce is a drag & drop page-building tool that lets you easily create quality landing pages without any technical knowledge. Landing pages, if you don’t know, are basically stand-alone web pages designed for increasing conversions by encouraging visitors to take a specific action. For more information, take a look at our “what is a landing page” page.

Active in the digital scene since as early as 2009, the Canada-based company has offices in Vancouver and Berlin, and today they are one of Canada’s fastest-growing technology companies with more than 150 staff members and an increasing number of customers. In addition to landing-page creation and optimization, they are also known for AI copywriting solutions for writing and remixing webpage content.

  • Creates Smarter Landing Pages

  • Platform pairs your know-how with machine learning

     Smart Builder 

Unbounce Landing Page Products & Solutions

Unbounce products are branched into two main categories: Conversion Intelligence Platform, and Classic Unbounce.

Classic Unbounce

To start with the old one, the classic Unbounce offers the following:

Unbounce Classic Builder – The original landing page building tool of the brand, aimed at experienced users such as designers and agencies. It is a very powerful tool for creating & optimizing landing pages with drag & drop controls and custom code.

Popups & Sticky Bars – For those who wish to optimize specific parts of their web pages with offers, this product is a practical solution to create effective popups and sticky bars.

Templates – Unbounce has more than 100 ready-to-use web page templates for creating the best landing pages.

The main features of the classic builder are;

  • Drag & Drop interface,
  • Page Duplication,
  • Custom Scripts,
  • Script Manager,
  • Custom Mobile Pages,
  • Direct domain publishing,
  • Speed boost,
  • Advanced design control,
  • Auto image optimizer,
  • Built-in Google fonts,
  • A/B testing

AI-Powered Unbounce

Conversion Intelligence Platform, on the other hand, is the brand’s AI-powered platform to help users create top-quality landing pages with the highest possible conversion rates. Here are its features:

Smart Builder – Smart Builder benefits from AI insights to help you create the best landing page(s) possible. The way it works is that it basically gets data from over 1.5 billion real conversions—which help you predict the best design elements for your landing page, in order to increase your conversions!

Here are the main Smart Builder features:

  • Style guide,
  • Optimized page selection,
  • Design assistant,
  • Mobile-responsive design,
  • Multi-device page review,
  • Copy insights,
  • Conversion goals,
  • Direct domain publishing,
  • Built-in Google fonts,
  • A/B testing…

Smart Copy – Smart copy is an AI-driven copywriting tool that you can use to create, remix, and expand unique website content. The content will be highly personalized for your brand and audience.

Main smart copy features are:

  • Remix (turning an existing copy into a new, unique content ready to be published in new channels),
  • Expander (user inputs an existing content, AI basically helps to write the rest),
  • 30+ template options,
  • 6 languages supported…

Smart Traffic – Smart traffic is a kind of an alternative to a classic A/B test. It basically gathers data from the visits made to your landing page variants, and after a while -after “as few as 50” visits, according to the brand’s site- starts to automatically send the visitors to the landing page that will have the highest chance of converting them. According to the brand, this approach brought 30% more conversions to their customers.

And here are the features of Smart Traffic:

  • Insights,
  • Visitor attributes,
  • Conversion mapping.

Unbounce also has a wide array of apps that you can benefit from, to customize your landing page the way you wish. These apps include Stripe, Shopify, Jotform, Vimeo, and more. And on top of these, they provide solutions by industry, as well as use case.

Industry based Unbounce solutions are;

  • Ecommerce
  • SaaS
  • Agencies
  • Professional Services

And finally, solutions based on the use case are;

  • PPC
  • Social Ads
  • Email marketing
  • Lead generation

Unbounce Landing Page Builder Pricing & Plans

For Smart Builder, Unbounced offers three plans:

Launch – Priced at $81USD/mo annually (which saves you 10% by the way), Launch Plan includes up to 500 conversions, up to 20.000 visitors, and 1 primary domain.

Optimize – Optimize Plan includes up to 1.000 conversions, up to 30.000 visitors, and 5 total domains for your landing pages. It costs $122USD/mo annually and also includes 30% more conversions using Smart Traffic.

Accelerate- This plan is priced at $203USD/mo annually, and it includes 2.500 conversions, up to 50.000 visitors, and 10 total domains for your landing pages. This plan also includes 30% more conversions with Smart Traffic.

All Unbounce Landing Page Builder plans include the following:

  • Both Smart and Classic Builder
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Access to apps
  • Unlimited popups
  • Unlimited sticky bars

These are the main landing page builder plans of Unbounce. But if you think that they will not cut it for you, you can check out the brand’s concierge plans that will easily scale to any number of conversions and traffic.

For the Smart Copy, Unbounce has 2 plans:

Start – A free plan, Start includes 5 content generations a day and 1 profile (information about your company that will help AI to generate content.)

Growth – Growth plan is priced at $25USD/mo if billed annually, and includes unlimited generations and unlimited profiles, as well as access to Writer (currently at Beta, as of 02.22.2022)- a long term writing canvas that lets you write and manage content within the application.

Both writing plans include the following:

  • 30+ content templates
  • 6 languages
  • Chrome extension
  • Expander and Remix features

Unbounce Landing Page Builder Pros and Cons

Yes, Unbounce helps you create stylish landing pages for high conversions with the help of artificial intelligence, which is cool enough, but they do have some downsides as well- as they all do. Let’s take a quick look at Unbounce landing page builder pros and cons:


😊Easy-to-use – The interface is quite easy to use and it does not require any technical knowledge whatsoever. This means you won’t be needing an IT team to start creating quality landing pages that will bring you conversions!

😊 Highly customizable- With its many apps -such as Stripe and Shopify- Unbounce lets you customize your landing pages in any way you like.

😊Detailed documentation- Unbounce offers tons of resources on digital marketing. They have a rich resource center where you can read about key digital marketing concepts -especially on topics such as landing pages, content, lead generation- and a very informative blog that is regularly updated with new and engaging content.

😊Security-focused – Unbounce really cares about your security, and -as we will soon mention in more detail- has a number of security features to keep your data safe at all times!


No 24/7 support – Knowing your provider is always by your side is a relief. Unfortunately, Unbounce does not offer around-the-clock support at the moment. And, they themselves say their support team might not be very fast outside workdays.

Expensive – Especially for a standalone product! Their most basic landing page builder plan is $81USD / mo (if annually paid, that is) and that might be a little expensive, especially if you are on a budget. But at least they offer a free trial so you can test if it will worth your money or not!

Unbounce Landing Page Builder Support

Unbounce has a helpful support team, available via e-mail, live chat, or telephone on weekdays between 1 am-8 pm PST. On weekends, you can reach them between 9 am-9 pm PST, but -in their own words- “slight delays” might be experienced outside workdays.

Unfortunately, Unbounce does not offer 24/7 live support, but it also has a vast library of useful information; where you can find detailed articles on conversion intelligence as well as digital marketing in general, offered to everyone including non-members. Also, for extra valuable information, make sure to check their Blog and Resource Center.

Unbounce Landing Page Builder Security

Unbounce takes security really seriously -as they should!- and they apply top-level safety protocols to ensure that their customers’ data is 100% safe at all times. While this obviously doesn’t mean that the platform is invulnerable to attacks, it is still reassuring to see they are serious about security, with main features such as the following:

  • Data privacy by design
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Single sign-on
  • Password security
  • Auto-session timeouts
  • Domain protection
  • Ability to manage user permissions
  • Audit logs

Unbounce Landing Page Builder FAQ

Here are the frequently asked questions about Unbounce and its services:

Q: Can I have a free trial?

A: Yes! Unbounce offers a 14-day trial option for Launch, Optimize, or Accelerate plans with complete access to the features of the selected plan- and they won’t bill you after your trial is complete. But they still want your credit card information. They say this way if you wish to continue using Unbounce after your trial period is over, there won’t be any interruptions to your services. We’ll just leave it here, you can make your own decision.

Q: Does Unbounce provide hosting?

A: Yes. Unbounce offers free hosting for its Launch, Optimize, and Accelerate plans. But of course, you have the option of hosting landing page(s) on your own domain and/or website.

Q: What happens when I exceed my conversion limits?

A: First of all, that’s kinda good news! But back to the question; if you come close to reaching your limits, the company lets you know. And if you do go over your conversion limits, Unbounce automatically upgrades you to a higher plan.

Summary – Final Verdict: 9/10

If you wish to turn your visitors into customers, you better have a landing page optimized for the highest conversion rates. Unbounce not only does this but takes it to the next level with the help of AI, a rising trend in almost every field imaginable today. There is no reason why you shouldn’t give Unbounce a try- they’ve had a lot of success, they employ innovative technologies, and you can just try their tools for free! In the end, it will surely increase your conversions, but will it be worth all the dollars for you? For that, you will have to do the math. All things considered, we rate their services 9 out of 10, and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to up their landing page game!