Best Marketplaces to Buy & Sell a Website

best marketplaces

Buying and selling things has never been easier than it is now- books, electronics, cars, used clothes, art, you name it… In this day and age, you can buy and sell almost anything online, with nothing but just a few clicks. Websites and online businesses are no exception, and to easily and securely buy and sell these online platforms, we have digital marketplaces. In this post, we will talk about these marketplaces, and mention some of the top ones so you know where to go if and when you want to buy or sell a website.

What is a Marketplace?

Marketplaces are digital platforms where people can buy and/or sell websites and online businesses. On these platforms, you can buy/sell blogs, e-commerce stores, SaaS, apps, domains, and more… In addition to bringing buyers and sellers together, these platforms offer services such as site valuation, brokerage, site migration, legal counseling, etc. to make the process of buying & selling websites as secure and smooth as possible.

Today, buying and selling websites is a business in itself: let’s say you have built a website, and gained a certain steady following after a while. After successfully monetizing your website, it started bringing you some monthly income. Now you think it is time to sell it, make some profit, and invest on something else- probably on another website! Marketplaces basically make this easier and safer for everyone.

How Does a Marketplace Work?

First, sellers need to list their assets (websites, online businesses, apps, etc.). In order to do this, they need to share some information about the website with the marketplace- such as website URL, its history, backlink activity, monetization method, monthly revenue, net profit, etc.

Marketplaces usually recommend a price based on the asset -to prevent unrealistic pricing. Some of them provide free valuation tools, but in the end, it is of course the seller’s decision how much they want to sell their website. After the listing is complete, the marketplace presents it to the buyers who might be interested.

The listing can be on a fixed price, or in an auction format. If it is an auction sale, buyers will bid, and the seller may accept or reject the bids. If a bid exceeds the seller’s reserve price at the end of the auction period, the site -or whatever it is being sold- will go to that particular buyer. Auctioning is a frequently used way of generating quick interest, and achieving high price in a limited amount of time. If the listing is on a fixed price, buyers can make offers to the seller and the seller can simply accept or reject their offers. Fixed price method is seen as more suitable for online businesses that are worth more than USD$100,000.

Top 3 Marketplaces to Buy & Sell a Website

Here are the 3 best marketplaces you can buy and/or sell a website today:


Flippa is one of the most popular platforms when it comes to buying and selling websites and online businesses today. Based in Australia, the platform was founded in 2009, and to this day claims to have sold more than 300.000 assets worldwide. All kinds of online assets including e-commerce stores, apps, social media accounts, blogs, SaaS companies, and even domain names are being bought and sold on this platform every day. Buyers can filter their listings based on the type of online business, content, etc. to easily find the type of website they are looking for. To make things easier, they offer concierge services for first-time buyers, as well as brokerage, legal services, financing, the option to sell privately, and many more… They also offer a free valuation for your online business, so you can get an idea of your website’s worth!

Empire Flippers

Another popular option for those looking to buy and sell websites, Empire Flippers is a reputable marketplace that is preferred by many in the industry. They claim to have more than $418.000.000 sales overall, and 75% success rate, which is pretty impressive. You can browse their marketplace based on niche, or monetization method of the asset you wish to buy- such as display advertising, Amazon FBA, e-commerce, affiliate, etc. Empire Flippers help buyers and sellers from all around the world, and they have a couple of International Business Brokers Association awards and Inc 5,000 awards. Like Flippa, Empire flippers also offer a free online business valuation for your website.

FE International

FE International is another major player in the game. Operating since 2010, FE International is an award-winning M&A (Mergers and acquisitions) advisor for e-commerce, SaaS, and content businesses. They have a 94% sales success rate with more than 1,200 sales to date, and over $1B in lifetime acquisitions- numbers from their website. With an expert team in exit planning, accounting, law, and valuation, they have completed successful acquisitions for thousands of people. Based in New York, they were named among The Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies by The Financial Times in 2022, 2021, and 2020. FE International is known for its high valuations, which makes it a more suitable marketplace for prestigious online businesses and buyers with high budgets. This platform also offers a free valuation option to online business owners.

FAQ about Marketplaces

Want to buy or sell a website on a digital marketplace and have questions on your mind? Check out the FAQ and you may find your answers:

Q: Are marketplaces safe?

A: Yes -excluding extraordinary circumstances such as hacking, which is possible for every online platform really- marketplaces are safe spots run by experts for the sole purpose of bringing buyers and sellers together. They usually take users into a detailed human-verifications process and make sure only the verified, authentic websites are being listed for sale. Obviously, if you are going to use one of these platforms, make sure to do your research, read reviews, and choose trustable sources.

Q: Which marketplace should I choose to buy or sell a website?

A: There is no single answer to this one. We shared the top ones in the industry with the hope of providing you with some guidance, but the rest is really up to you. Each provide different advantages, so you should make your decision based on your priorities. What we recommend though, is that you should check out different marketplaces and definitely read user reviews before deciding on an online marketplace to do your transactions.

Q: How long does it usually take to sell a website on a digital marketplace?

A: Again, the answer to this question varies. There are several factors to consider here, such as what the website is about, its price, what platform is it built on, etc. Usually, websites listed for less than $100.000 tend to sell quickly, but again, you never really know. And while the marketplaces cannot give you a guarantee as to when it will sell, they might give you a professional estimate just so you have an idea.

Q: Do marketplaces offer migration services after buying a website?

A: Some of them do, some of them don’t. For example, among the ones we have mentioned, Empire Flippers offer migration services, handling the complete transfer of the website themselves, while Flippa does not have this service. If it is important for you, make sure the marketplace you will choose offers migration- but keep in mind that there are lots of companies that offer this service as well, other than marketplaces.

Q: If I buy a website from a marketplace, can I sell that website on the same marketplace?

A: Yes, that is how you make a profit! But keep in mind that you will have to go through the listing process again, even if it is the same marketplace!

Q: Where else can I buy/sell websites?

A: Well, if someone is willing to sell a website that is worth anything, buyers can be found anywhere: forum websites, social media, other websites, etc. But marketplaces are places designed for these types of transactions, which means if you do your buying/selling on these platforms, you are more likely to get a fair and satisfying deal.


There is a lot of profit to be made buying/selling websites/online businesses. But you don’t want to undersell your website, and neither do you want to pay for a website more than its worth. (And you certainly don’t want to get scammed while buying/selling websites.) This is why marketplaces are important platforms for these types of transactions. They make it easier for sellers and buyers to find each other, and they make sure the transactions are fair and safe. So if you wish to get into the business of buying & selling websites, or just need to sell your website, you should definitely consider working with one of these platforms.